Down Hill Biking from Vøringfossen

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The spectacular old road between Olso and Bergen has been blocked for normal traffic and represents today a unique path for hiking and biking. The old road starts at Vøringfossen and follows the outside of the new tunnels.

Gamleveien-1Like this it offers the possibility to experience the stunning nature of the steep valley close up. Descending from a higher part of the road (normal Riksvei 7), biking in the the Hardangervidda National Park from Duranut, you have a downhill ride of more than 30 km ending at the FlatEarth Center in Øvre Eidfjord or at the Tourist information by the fjord. If you stop along the road and take a small hike on the Hardangervidda the flora and fauna will greet you with all it’s splendor – and be prepared to be greeted by “wild animals” directly on the road as well!



Depending on where you want to start biking: Hardangervidda National Park / Sysendammen/ Vøringfossen.

Practical information

If you rent the bikes you can go by bus 991 from Eidfjord and Øvre Eidfjord, direction Geilo. The descend can be cold, so bring gloves and a cap.

  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • Duration: Rental
  • Min. age: 10 years, acc. by adult
  • Price: NOK 100,- p.p. for the first hour / additional hours NOK: 50,- pr. hour

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